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VLOOK vs INDEX-MATCH. This has got to be one of the oldest, and yet hottest topic among the Microsoft Excel’s community. DefeatExcel has reached out to seek the opinions of Microsoft Excel MVPs and community experts so that we can hear their views right here in a single article.

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Excel for HR Professionals

HR professionals seem to have an easy job, but the reality is far from true. Here’s some Excel magic to help you cut your day-to-day HR work from days and hours to just MINUTES.

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Working with the Date Format

Do you know that Excel can perform calculations with dates? When you key in a date, Excel actually stores the date as a number behind the scenes.

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How to Find, Count, Delete and Remove Duplicates in Excel

Duplicates are annoying. They multiply themselves like clones, and no matter how many times you scroll and press Delete, they always seem to be never-ending. Today we’ll discuss simple and fast methods to deal with duplicates.

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