50+ frequently asked how-tos exactly the way you asked



Somehow, everyone expects us to know how to use Microsoft Excel, and use it well.

Our superiors, clients, and colleagues all expect us to be able to work with Excel and do all the fancy amazing Excel magic stuff.

Problem is, we never ever had a formal education in Excel during our school days.

But, we have the internet, right?

And so we starting to ask Google every time we are faced with an Excel problem.


Looking up the internet for a solution to your Excel problem can be daunting.

  1. We don't know how to phrase questions the way experts create their blog posts/videos — we end up wasting a lot of time Googling and clicking on multiple search results trying to ask questions the "right" way;
  2. We don't know the Excel terms often used by experts — we end up trying to make sense and understand the terminology used in their blog posts/videos.

Getting a solution to your Excel problems can be a breeze.

After days of intensive research, this book is written the way people like you and me ask questions.

No more difficult jargon. No more time wasted Googling.

Just 50+ frequently asked how-tos exactly the way you asked.

Short and concise solution to solve your problem without scrolling through articles a few thousand words long or watching 30-minute videos.

Plus it works offline (it's a book, remember?) even when you have no internet access.

Now, time to get things done.


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